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Man Getting Botox
Botox & Jeuveau


Don’t let worry lines frame your face. Come Simply You Med Spa for a Botox treatment. We have years of experience using Botox products to reduce wrinkles.

Botox injections decrease the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles by minimizing muscle contractions. If you’re feeling insecure because of crow’s-feet, forehead lines or thinning lips, Botox can help you feel confident again. Botox injections improve wrinkles for three to six months with optimal treatment.

What can Botox injections do for you?
Thanks to Botox you can minimize the appearance of wrinkles long-term. 

Botox isn’t just about appearances. It can also:

  • Relieve chronic migraines

  • Reduce excessive sweating

  • Relax tension in jaw muscles from grinding, clenching, & TMJ

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